Saturday, April 23, 2016

18 - 22 April (Week 33)

Earth Science
Monday: Freshwater Video
Tuesday: Freshwater vs. Saltwater Venn Diagram, Finish video, Start Freshwater vs. Saltwater Lab Planning (PPT)
Wednesday: Freshwater vs. Saltwater Lab Planning (PPT)
Thursday: Freshwater vs. Saltwater Lab Planning (Instructions, Worksheet)
Friday: Where did water/the oceans come from? (PPT)

Monday: Genetics Practice Problems, Closed Book Written Sample Test
Tuesday: Independent assortment, Pedigree Charts WS, Sample Test Assignment (PPT)
Wednesday: Review, Pedigree Charts WS, Study time (PPT)
Thursday: Genetics Test (Closed Book Computer Sample, Closed Book Written Sample)
Friday: Magic School Bus Video

Monday, April 18, 2016

11 - 15 April (Week 32)

Earth Science
Monday: Sewer Systems
Tuesday: Natural vs. Man-Made Water Purification, Water Properties, Exit Ticket 33 (PPT)
Wednesday: Water Properties Notes, Pictures, Videos, Demos, & Mini-Labs (PPT)
Thursday: Water Properties Pictures, Videos, Demos, & Mini-Labs (PPT)
Friday: Water Properties Pictures, Videos, Demos, & Mini-Labs; Exit Ticket 34 (PPT)

Monday: Mitosis versus Meiosis
Tuesday: Mitosis vs. Meiosis, Repro Examples Interactive (PPT)
Wednesday: Asexual vs. Sexual Reproduction, Repro Examples Interactive, Exit Ticket 23 (PPT)
Thursday: Intro Heredity, Sumanas-Mendel's Experiment, Genetics Practice Problems (PPT)
Friday: Mendel's Law of Segregation, Sumanas-Mendel's Experiment, Genetics Practice Problems, Exit Ticket 24 (PPT)

Friday, April 8, 2016

4 - 8 April (Week 31)

Welcome to 4th quarter! It should be a fun one! Earth Science will spend the quarter studying hydrology and wrap things up with a community water activity. Biology will finish genetics during April and tie up the year with evolution.

Earth Science
Monday: Water Cycle Interactive (Website)
Tuesday: Vocab Memory, Exit Ticket 31 (PPT)
Wednesday: Reservoirs of Earth's Water Pie Charts (PPT)
Thursday: Aquifer Lab
Friday: Interpreting Data about Reservoirs, Exit Ticket 32 (PPT)

Monday: Prep for Protein Synthesis Game (Prep WS, Game Instructions), Exit Ticket 21 (PPT)
Tuesday: Protein Synthesis Game, Open Book Essay (Use game prep worksheet and instructions to help with OB Essay..., PPT)
Wednesday: Mutations WS (PPT)
Thursday: Mutations, Exit Ticket 22 (PPT)
Friday: Mitosis vs. Meiosis

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

29 - 31 March (Week 30)

Earth Science

Monday: Hydrology Pre-Test (CB Sample Test, PPT)
Tuesday: Mark Pre-Tests, Hydrology Vocabulary (PPT)
Wednesday: Hydrology Vocabulary (Assignment, Vocab WS, Standards List), Water Cycle Worksheet (PPT)

Monday: DNA Replication Interactive (PPT)
Tuesday: Protein Synthesis Interactive (PPT)
Wednesday: Notes & Venn Diagram (PPT), Exit Ticket 20

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

21 - 23 March (Week 29)

Earth Science
Monday: Leaf-Margin Analysis
Tuesday: Meteorology Test (Closed BookOpen BookGrading Guide)
Wednesday: Great Lakes Video

Monday: Cracking the Code of Life (PPT)
Tuesday: Cracking the Code of Life (PPT)
Wednesday: Genetic Technology Paragraphs (PPT)

14 - 18 March (Week 28)

Earth Science
Monday: Atmospheric Circulation Memory Trick, Vocab Puzzles
Tuesday: Bill Nye Climate, Exit Ticket 29 (PPT)
Wednesday: Climate Change (Vocab/Cause-Effect WS, PPT)
Thursday: Ozone Article (Worksheet)
Friday: Ozone Hole, Climate Change, Exit Ticket 30 (PPT)

Monday: Vocab Puzzles
Tuesday: Organ Systems Test (ComputerWritten), Open Book Sample Test
Wednesday: Crack the Code of Life (PPT)
Thursday: Crack the Code of Life (PPT)
Friday: Crack the Code of Life (PPT)

7 - 11 March (Week 27)

Earth Science
Monday: Bill Nye's Seasons, Exit Ticket 27 (PPT)
Tuesday: Direct/Indirect Radiation Lab
Wednesday: Atmospheric Circulation WS (PPT)
Thursday: Atmospheric Circulation Memory Trick
Friday: Atmospheric Circulation Memory Trick

Monday: Organ Technology (PPT)
Tuesday: Genetics Pre-Test, Genetic Standards
Wednesday: Organ Tech Paragraph (PPT), Biological Balderdash
Thursday: Biological Balderdash
Friday: Vocab Puzzles