Monday, December 11, 2017

11-15 December (Week 17)

Earth Science
Monday: Intro Ocean Formation, Ocean Formation Research
Tuesday: Ocean Formation Research PPT (Rubric, Template)
Wednesday: Peer Review/Present Ocean Formation Research PPT
Thursday: Water Cycle Reservoirs
Friday: Water Cycle Processes

Monday: Finish Organ Systems Visual Aids
Tuesday: Peer Review Organ Systems Visual Aids,
Wednesday: Dichotomous Keys Gizmo
Thursday: Classification Basics
Friday: Classification Assignment

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

4 - 8 December (Week 16)

Earth Science
Monday: Volcano Energy Transfer Basics (Partial Key), Earthquake Energy Transfer Basics (Partial Key), Design a Test
Tuesday: Spectroscope Exploration, Donors Choose Thank You's, Design a Test
Wednesday: EQ/V Energy Transfer Practice Quiz (Blank, Key), Donors Choose Project Creation WS
Thursday: TBD
Friday: Ocean Formation Research

Monday: Organ Systems Visual Aid (Planning WS, Instructions)
Tuesday: Organ Systems Visual Aid (Planning WSInstructions)
Wednesday: Organ Systems Visual Aid (Planning WSInstructions)
Thursday: Organ Systems Visual Aid (Planning WSInstructions)
Friday: Organ Systems Visual Aid Due

Monday, November 27, 2017

27 November - 1 December (Week 15)

This week in Earth Science we will be learning some basics about earthquakes and volcanoes in order to describe how they transfer energy. In Biology, we will be combining our knowledge of organs and organ systems to create human organ system visual aids.

Note: I will be gone Tuesday (unplanned medical appointment for my son) and Thursday (planned curriculum development day with a science co-worker). 

Earth Science
Monday: Lithospheric Plates Study Tool, Intro Volcanoes/Earthquakes
Tuesday: Types of Volcanoes WS, Types of Seismic Waves, Volcano Energy Transfer Basics, Earthquake Energy Transfer Basics (Look under the "Cool Links" tab then "Earth Science" then "Geology" for websites with the answers.)
Wednesday: Lithospheric Plates Quiz Retakes (Sample, Key), 
Thursday: Types of Volcanoes WS (Key), Types of Seismic Waves (Key), Volcano Energy Transfer BasicsEarthquake Energy Transfer Basics, Design a Test
Friday: Volcano Energy Transfer Basics (Partial Key), Earthquake Energy Transfer Basics (Partial Key), Design a Test

Monday: Reward Magic School Bus
Tuesday: Human Organ Systems Visual Aid Planning (Instructions, Planning WS)
Wednesday: Human Organ Systems Visual Aid Planning (InstructionsPlanning WS)
Thursday: Human Organ Systems Visual Aid Creation
Friday: Human Organ Systems Visual Aid Creation 

Monday, November 20, 2017

20 - 21 November (Week 14)

Happy Thanksgiving Week! With our short week, we are reviewing concepts using the ScienceWorld magazines as well as fixing up assignments that need fixed.

Monday: Lithospheric Plates Test (Sample, Key, Rubric), ScienceWorld Assignment, Peer Grading
Tuesday: Peer Grading, ScienceWorld Assignment, Fixing Work

Monday: ScienceWorld Assignment, Finishing/Fixing Flower Diagrams as needed
Tuesday: ScienceWorld Assignment, Fixing Flower Diagrams as needed

Saturday, November 11, 2017

13 - 17 November (Week 13)

Happy November! The educational conference I went to was FANTASTIC and I'm excited for the things I'm applying in my classroom based on what I learned. Earth Science is shifting into learning about convection in the mantle and will finish the week off focusing on earthquakes or volcanoes. Biology is still studying organs and organ systems. We'll finish our flowering plant diagrams, take our organ systems tests, and start a human organ system project.

Earth Science
Monday: Revise Layers of the Earth Evidence WS
Tuesday: Basics of Convection
Wednesday: Convection Lab
Thursday: Finish Convection Lab (Worksheet, Rubric), ScienceWorld Review/Exploration Activity
Friday: Lithospheric Plates Practice Test (Test, Key, Rubric), ScienceWorld Review/Exploration Activity

Monday: Flowering Plant Diagram  (WorksheetSample)
Tuesday: Organ System Tests (Structure Samples: Mastery/Above Mastery; Functions Samples: Mastery/Above Mastery); Flowering Plant Diagram
Wednesday: Flowering Plant Diagram Peer Review
Thursday: ScienceWorld Review/Exploration Activity
Friday: ScienceWorld Review/Exploration Activity

Friday, November 3, 2017

6 - 10 November (Week 12)

As my students were informed, I will be at an educational conference Monday through Wednesday of this week. Although a communication inconvenience, I hope to gain valuable tools to help us all in our education. Meanwhile, detailed plans and instructions were provided so that our education will continue despite my absent. Be sure to keep yourself on task so that you finish your work on time and stay caught up. See you Thursday!

Earth Science
Monday: ScienceWorld Magazine Activities, Donors Choose Thank You Notes
Tuesday: Lithospheric Plates WS (Front Key, Back Key), Current Earthquakes & Volcanoes (EnglishSpanish)
Wednesday: Lithospheric Plates Study Tool, Current Earthquakes & Volcanoes (English, Spanish)
Thursday: Review material, Discuss Lithospheric Plates
Friday: Plate Boundaries WS

Monday: ScienceWorld Magazine Activities, Donors Choose Thank You Notes
Tuesday: Organ Systems Practice Tests (Structure Practice Test, Function Practice Test), Organ Parts/Functions Review
Wednesday: Flowering Plant Research WS
Thursday: Review (PPT)
Friday: Flowering Plant Diagram (WorksheetSample)

Monday, October 30, 2017

30 October - 3 November (Week 11)

Welcome to 2nd Quarter! As a reminder, the year should continue to get easier despite the content becoming more challenging. This is because we have improved our ability to balance all of our classes and learned what we need to do to be successful. A few things we talked about in class today to be ready for a great second quarter included: studying 5 minutes per day for mastery grades, avoiding procrastination (complete work on time and fix work shortly after it is graded), and get help (friends, parents, peer tutors, Ms. Morris). As a reminder, there are sign up sheets in my classroom for help from me. RTI tends to be a little bit busy but before and after school are usually only crowded the week or two before the end of a quarter. (Let's try to change that!)

For your information, I will be out of town attending an educational conference next Monday through Wednesday (November 6-8). Please note that I won't have appointment times before or after school or during RTI those days. I will also be unable to have appointments before school Thursday November 9th as I will need to review notes from my substitute in order to prepare for the day.

Earth Science
Monday: Layers of the Earth Models--Painting models & revising evidences (Model Prep WSModel Creation InstructionsModel Grading Sheet) (St. 2.1.b-c, PPT)
Tuesday: Layers of the Earth Models--Adding evidences (Model Prep WSModel Creation InstructionsModel Grading Sheet) (St. 2.1.b-c, PPT)
Wednesday: Review & Discuss Models (Models due, Model Grading Sheet) (St. 2.1.b-c, PPT)
Thursday: Video (Ms. Morris home sick)
Friday: Revise Evidence WS

Monday: Organ Systems Notes WS (St. 3.2.b, PPT)
Tuesday: Organ Basics Tests (Organ Labeling Practice TestOrgan Functions Mastery Practice TestOrgan Functions Above Mastery TestOrgan Basics Tests Grading Sheet) (St. 3.1.a-b, PPT)
Wednesday: Personal/Peer Review Organ Systems Note WS, Organ Systems Study Slides
Thursday: Video (Ms. Morris home sick)
Friday: Flower Dissections (St. 3.1.a-b, 3.2.b)