Friday, January 29, 2016

25 - 29 January (Week 21)

Welcome to 3rd quarter! Earth Science, you did TERRIFIC on your retakes for the most part. Good job! Biology, so many of you did AWESOME on your test and/or retakes. Great! This quarter starts off with Earth Science exploring meteorology which includes a variety of fun activities. Biology will also have a lot of fun as we continue our exploration into organs and organ systems.

Note: Links to all of the online games and interactives are under the "Cool Links" tab of this website.

Earth Science
Tuesday: Vocabulary WS
Wednesday: Finish Vocabulary WS
Friday: Sample/Pre-Test Assignment (Due by Wednesday or ZAP!)

Monday: New Quarter Reminders, Organ Anatomy Packet (Notes packet available in the classroom)
Wednesday: Organ System Online Games
Friday: Sample/Pre-Test Assignment (Due by Tuesday or ZAP!)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

19 - 21 January (Week 20)

We made it through another quarter! Only two more awesome quarters to go! Reminder: The only redo that will be accepted for 2nd quarter are open book test corrections which are due by Thursday at 3 p.m. Hours are posted in the classroom for getting help. Please sign up!

Earth Science
Tuesday: San Andreas Fault Video
Wednesday: Share/discuss models (Rubric), finish video
Thursday: Share/discuss models, Intro Meteorology

Tuesday: Organ Systems Posters (Due Thursday)
Wednesday: Organ Anatomy Worksheets
Thursday: Organ Anatomy Games

11 - 15 January (Week 19)

Warning: The redo deadline is this week. All redoes must be turned in by 2:30 p.m. on Friday. The only thing that will be accepted next week for 2nd quarter are open book test corrections. Hours are posted in the classroom for getting help. Please sign up!

Earth Science
Monday: Everest Video, Test Corrections
Tuesday: Build Tectonic Model (Rubric)
Wednesday: Build Tectonic Model
Thursday: Build Tectonic Model, Experiment Planning WS
Friday: Open Book Test Retake (Grading Guide)

Earth Science
Monday: 6 Characteristics Activity
Tuesday: Intro to the 6 Characteristics of Life
Wednesday: Organ Systems Poster (Adapted from a UEN activity)
Thursday: Organ Systems Poster
Friday: Organ Systems Poster

4 - 8 January (Week 18)

Earth Science
Monday: Review, Notes Prep
Tuesday: Tectonic Project Planning (Rubric, Worksheet)--Due Friday
Wednesday: Tectonic Project Planning
Thursday: Tectonic Project Planning
Friday: Correct Geology Test (Open Book Grading Guide)

Monday: Test Prep Review (Study WS = Sample Tests)
Tuesday: Water Properties & the Cell
Wednesday: Water as a Limiting Factor
Thursday: Cells Test (Closed Book Computer Sample, Open Book Sample, Cell Parts Test Prep WS)
Friday: 6 Characteristics of Life

Saturday, December 12, 2015

14 - 18 December (Week 17)

One more week until Winter Break and 3 1/2 weeks until the end of quarter! Time is flying by!

This week, Earth Science will be taking their Geology Test so that they're ready for their Plate Tectonics Project after break. Be sure to study!! We have done some preparatory activities but many of you didn't finish them. Be sure to finish them so that you're ready for your test!

Biology will continue their study of cells and the chemicals of life. This week we'll be focusing on enzymes. You should also remember to study as your test is the Wednesday after Winter Break. It's closer than you think!!

As always, ask for help as needed. Ideally, ask to be requested during RTI either Tuesday or Thursday. You can also schedule a time before or after school to get extra help.

Earth Science
Monday: Mantle Plume Practice Peer Review, Intro Utah's Earthquake Risk
Tuesday: Utah's Earthquake Risk Reading
Wednesday: Utah's Earthquake Risk Activity
Thursday: Closed Book Test (Sample Test), Open Book Test (Sample Test, Grading Guide)
Friday: Video

Monday: Fix Open Book Test Prep WS
Tuesday: Intro Enzymes, Intro Enzymes Lab
Wednesday: Enzymes Lab (Must wear long pants-no tights, stretchpants-and closed toed shoes)
Thursday: Maintenance of Cells
Friday: Maintenance of Cells

7 - 11 December (Week 16)

Updated RTI Guidelines
·         Pink slips (requested by me) get priority
·         Sign up to get a pink slip (be requested)
        Must be detailed in request:
Ex. Write “Test” = not requested
Ex. Write “Correct test” = requested
Ex. Write “Take test” = requested (if corrections completed)
·         Not using RTI time wisely? (Not working or getting assignments in)
        Sent elsewhere next time.
Ex. Another low score class
Ex. Study hall room
        May be requested by me next time and working individually and silent.

Earth Science
Monday: Exit Ticket 21, Current EQ/V Activity (English or Spanish) (PPT)
Tuesday: Volcano Formation Research, Notes, Mantle Plume Test Question Practice (Due 12/9 by 3 p.m.) (PPT)
Wednesday: Review plate movement, Volcanic Energy Notes, Volcano/EQ Energy WS (Due 12/11 by 3 p.m.) (PPT)
Thursday-Friday: Closed Book Practice Study, Make up work

Wednesday: Functions of Macromolecules, Water Properties Notes (Notes available in class), Exit Ticket 17 (PPT)
Thursday: Finish Water Properties Notes, Lab Prep (Notes available in class)
Friday: Water Properties Lab (Lab available in class)

Monday, November 30, 2015

30 November - 4 December (Week 15)

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving break! We're about half-way through the quarter and about half-way through our current units. That means our tests are coming up soon: December 17th for Earth Science and January 6th for Biology. DON'T FORGET TO STUDY! 5 minutes per night: tell your parents what you learned or explore the assignments, PowerPoints, games, etc. found on this website or redo an assignment or any other way to study. Sample tests are found on the class pages of this website.

This week Earth Science will be connecting continental drift to plate tectonics by exploring evidence from seafloor spreading. Biology will continue studying cells by focusing on autotrophic cells and heterotrophic cells.

Earth Science
Monday: True or False--"Scrat's Continental Crack Up", Review, Exit Ticket 19 (Starter/ET PPT)
Tuesday: Seafloor Spreading Article (Summarizing) (PPT)
Wednesday: Video (Iceland)
Thursday: Modeling Seafloor Spreading (PPT)
Friday: Lithospheric Plates WS, Exit Ticket 20 (Starter/ET PPT)

Monday: Cellular Differences, Open Book Test Prep WS (PPT)
Tuesday: Autotrophic vs. Heterotrophic Venn Diagram (PPT)
Wednesday: Finish Autotrophic vs. Heterotrophic WS, Exit Ticket 15 (Starter/ET PPT)
Thursday: Video (Plants)
Friday: Mitosis WS, Cell Cycle Memory Trick (PPT)