Monday, June 2, 2014

2 - 4 June (Week 38)

We made it through the school year! Great job! We've had a great year full of science. It's been wonderful watching all of you grow! This week will include videos combined with the basics of our science topics. Have a wonderful summer!

Life Science
Day 1: Finding Nemo (True/Not True)
Day 2: Finding Nemo (True/Not True)
Day 3: Finding Nemo (True/Not True)

Physical Science
Day 1: Meet the Robinsons (Scientific Method)
Day 2: Meet the Robinsons (Inventions/Determination)
Day 3: Assembly

Friday, May 23, 2014

27 - 30 May (Week 37)

We've made it through the bulk of the year! How exciting! The MMS World Expo was a blast! It was wonderful seeing everyone's work! Great job!

The rest of the year will be spent reviewing topics from throughout the year. Hopefully the refresher will help you be prepared for next year and the years to come!

IMPORTANT: The redo deadline is May 30th. All redoes must be turned in by the end of that day. However, I will be gone all day which means that the redo deadline for tests and quizzes is May 29th. Schedule them right away!

Life Science
Day 1: Review Scavenger Hunt
Day 2: Jeopardy
Day 3: Reward Activity Day (Special schedule & a sub--I will be with the 8th grade at Silverwood)

Physical Science
Day 1: Jeopardy
Day 2: Sound Demos
Day 3: SILVERWOOD (Reward Activity Day)

Monday, May 19, 2014

19-22 May (Week 36)

With only a few class days left (8 for Life Science, 7 for Physical Science), remember to be preparing for your final quiz (Physical Science) and test (Life Science). Also, remember that the redo deadline is May 30th. However, since I will be at the RAD Silverwood activity with the 8th graders, there won't be any quiz or test retakes May 30th. So be sure to schedule any retakes right away!

Life Science is finishing the year studying adaptations and natural selection while Physical Science enjoys a unit on waves. Also, the MMS World Expo is this Thursday from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Come visit to see all of the wonderful work out into our DYOEs which will be on display in room 118 (Physical Science) and room 119 (Life Science)!

Life Science
Day 1: Pipe Cleaner Cell Division, Bird Beak Adaptations
Day 2: Test 6 (Closed Book SampleOpen Book Sample), Expo Prep
Day 3: Natural Selection Activity

Physical Science
Day 1: Wave Interactions Lab
Day 2: Mirror Lab
Day 3: Concept Quiz 5 (Electromagnetism), Expo Prep

Monday, May 12, 2014

12 - 16 May (Week 35)

Welcome to another wonderful week of science! Life science will be studying heredity and genetics this week. Physical science will be finishing up electricity and start our unit on waves.

As we near the end of the school year, we have few assignments left. Life science, be sure turn your last reading check 8 by Friday. Also remember to study for your test next week! (Closed Book Sample, Open Book Sample) Physical science, be sure to study for your quiz next week! (Concept Quiz 5 (Electromagnetism) These are the last assignments of the year!

Also, the redo deadline is quickly approaching. All redoes must be finished by May 30th or they won't be accepted. Note: May 30th is the "Reward Activity Day". My classroom won't be open that day but you may turn in assignments to the office. (A better choice would be to turn in all redoes by May 29th after our last ACCESS.)

Life Science
Day 1: Let's Talk Mendel
Day 2: Punnett Squares, Reading Check 8 (Assignment Guidelines)
Day 3:  Hands on Heredity
Day 4: Let's Talk Darwin

Physical Science
Day 1: Video-Understanding Electricity
Day 2: Waves WS, Quiz Practice
Day 3: Circuits Lab
Day 4: Types & Properties of Waves

Monday, May 5, 2014

5 - 9 May (Week 34)

Our primary focus this week will be finishing our DYOE Posters. Life Science will also start studying heredity. Physical science will continue studying electricity and magnestism.

Life Science
Day 1: Flow of Nutrients, Reading Check 8 (Assignment Guidelines)
Day 2: Cell Cycle, DYOE Posters (Rubric)
Day 3: DYOE Posters
Day 4: Let's Talk Mendel, Reading Check 8

Physical Science
Day 1: Notes-Electromagnetism, Video--"Mad Electricity"
Day 2: Finish video, DYOE Posters (Rubric)
Day 3: DYOE Posters
Day 4: Concept Quiz 4 (Properties of Electricity), Electromagnetism lab

Monday, April 28, 2014

28 April - 2 May (Week 33)

We made it through the SBACs! Hurray!

Both life science and physical science will be focusing on writing paragraphs for our DYOE posters. All students will write the required paragraphs but may choose to complete the posters in their experiment groups. Students need to bring in poster-board for these posters by next Monday. Here is the link to the rubric: DYOE Poster Rubric.

This week life science will be tying together topics from assignments completed during SBACs. The primary focuses will be photosynthesis and cellular respiration. Physical science will be studying electricity.

Life Science
Day 1: Review Test 5, DYOE: Intro
Day 2: Photosynthesis, DYOE: Results
Day 3: Cellular Respiration, DYOE: Discussion
Day 4: Finish DYOE paragraphs

Physical Science
Day 1: Newton's Laws Practice, DYOE: Intro
Day 2: Static Lab, DYOE: Results
Day 3: Electromagnet Lab, DYOE: Discussion
Day 4: Finish DYOE: Paragraphs

Thursday, April 24, 2014

21 - 25 April (Week 32)

7th graders finish their SBACs this week so during science, they're still working on assignments tied to learning cell parts and gaining a better understanding of photosynthesis, cell division, and the cycle of nutrients. 8th graders are learning more about heat and temperature before moving into studying electricity.

Life Science

Complete the following by April 25th. Once you’ve completed one, show it to Ms. Morris. She will initial your SBAC assignment paper and give you another assignment. When done, turn the paper with initials into the basket.
  • Cell Functions Memory Game
  • Cell Parts & Functions Game
  • Photosynthesis WS
  • Cell Cycle WS
  • Cycle of Nutrients Poster
  • Magazine Assignment

Physical Science
Day 1: Heat Transfer, DYOE Posters
Day 2: Heat Transfer Lab
Day 3: Video - "Race for Absolute Zero"
Day 4: Static Electricity Lab