Friday, February 23, 2018

26 Feb - 2 Mar (Week 27)

Earth Science
Monday: Heavy Element Formation in Stars (RubricWorksheet), Solar System Composition (Rubric)

Tuesday: Solar System Composition (Rubric)
Wednesday: Solar System Composition, Age of Solar System/Earth's Internal Heat 
Thursday: Radioactive Decay Gizmo 
Friday: Radioactive Decay Gizmo 

Monday: Protein Synthesis Gizmo, Protein Synthesis Race 
Tuesday: Protein Synthesis Gizmo, Protein Synthesis Race 
Wednesday: Protein Synthesis Summaries 
Thursday: Onion Root Tip (Microscopes) 
Friday: Mitosis vs Meiosis

Thursday, February 22, 2018

20 - 23 February (Week 26)

Earth Science
Tuesday: Intro Stars
Wednesday: Star Life Cycles
Thursday: Heavy Element Formation in Stars (RubricWorksheet), Video Research (Nucleosynthesis, Star Life Cycles)
Friday: Heavy Element Formation in Stars (Rubric, Worksheet), Element Formation Website

Tuesday: Central Dogma of Biology
Wednesday: Video
Thursday: Steps of DNA Replication
Friday: Protein Synthesis Gizmo or Protein Synthesis Race

12 - 15 February (Week 25)

Earth Science
Monday: Student Led Conference Prep
Tuesday: Natural Hazard Quiz (Mastery, Above Mastery); Weather/Climate Quiz Retakes
Wednesday: Black Hole Video
Thursday: Black Hole Video

Monday: Online Onion Root Lab
Tuesday: Cell Division Quiz (Rubric), Student Led Conference Prep
Wednesday: Building DNA Gizmo
Thursday: Building DNA Gizmo, ScienceWorld Activities

Monday, February 5, 2018

5 - 9 February (Week 24)

Earth Science
Monday: Earth's Spheres Illustration
Tuesday: Earth's Spheres Illustration
Wednesday: Review Assignment
Thursday: Review Assignment
Friday: Review Assignment

Monday: Cell Division Gizmo, Cell Division Practice Quiz (Rubric)
Tuesday: Microscope Games
Wednesday: Review Assignment Part 3
Thursday: Cell Division Lab
Friday: Cell Division Quiz (Rubric)

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

29 Jan - 2 Feb (Week 23)

Earth Science
Monday: Natural Resources Notes
Tuesday: Distribution of Natural Resources Investigation
Wednesday: Distribution of Natural Resources Investigation
Thursday: Part 3 of Distribution of Natural Resources InvestigationNatural Hazards Notes (Rubric)
Friday: Natural Hazards Notes (Rubric)

Monday: Review Assignment
Tuesday: Review Assignment
Wednesday:  Redo Matter Cycles Quiz (Key), Review Assignment
Thursday: Intro Cell Division/DNA replication 
Friday: Cell Division Gizmo

Monday, January 22, 2018

22 - 26 January (Week 22)

Earth Science
Monday: Finish Compare/Contrast Solar Energy WS (Solar FoldableWorksheetRubric), Start Weather vs Climate Notes WS & Weather Elements/Instruments Notes WS
Thursday: Practice Quiz (Key), Weather vs. Climate Video, Weather vs. Climate Observations, Weather Instruments Games (Names 1Names 2,  Weather Instrument Functions,
Weather Quiz Game)
Friday: Weather Elements/Instruments Quiz (Mastery, Above Mastery), Weather vs. Climate Quiz (Mastery/Above Mastery)

Monday: Organism Relationships Pictionary/Charades
Thursday: Biological Levels
Friday: Organism Relationships Quiz

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

17 - 19 January (Week 21)

Welcome to 2nd semester! I'm very pleased with the work and efforts of my students. Overall, our grades improved and I saw growth in all of my students. Thank you for your hard work! Keep it up during 3rd quarter and, although the content will continue to challenge us, maintaining our grade should be easier.

Earth Science
Wednesday: Review 2nd Quarter Grades, Reward Magic School Bus Video
Thursday: Compare/Contrast Solar Energy WS (Solar Foldable, Worksheet, Rubric)
Friday: Intro Weather & Climate, Weather Elements & Instruments Notes WS

Wednesday: Review 2nd Quarter Grades, Reward Magic School Bus Video
Thursday: Organism Relationships Pictionary/Charades Prep (Worksheet)
Friday: Organism Relationships Pictionary/Charades Prep