Thursday, April 19, 2018

16 - 20 April (Week 33)

Earth Science
Monday: Next Day Forecast Part 1 & 2
Tuesday: Next Day Forecast Part 3 & 4
Wednesday: Next Day Forecast Part 5 & 6
Thursday: Next Day Forecast Part 7 & Check Work
Friday: Bill Nye Wind

Monday: Evolutionary Theorist Component 2 (Natural Selection or Mutations)
Tuesday: Evolutionary Theorist Component 2 (Natural Selection or Mutations)
Wednesday: Evolutionary Theorist Component 2 (Natural Selection or Mutations), Start Evolutionary Theorist Component 3 (Mutations & Selection)
Thursday: Evolutionary Theorist Component 3 (Mutations & Selection)
Friday: Evolutionary Theorist Component 3 (Mutations & Selection)

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

9 - 13 April (Week 32)

This quarter we are shifting to a series of projects simulating real-world science situations where we are the scientists. Biology will spend the next two weeks as Evolutionary Theorists seeking to determine the mechanism(s) behind evolution. Towards the end of this week, Earth Science will shift into being Meteorologists seeking to prepare accurate weather forecasts.

Earth Science
Monday: SAGE Prep
Tuesday: Greenhouse Effect Lab
Wednesday: Finish Greenhouse Effect Lab, Atmospheric Circulation
Thursday: Meteorologist -- Research Planning
Friday: Meteorologist -- Component 1

Monday: SAGE Prep
Tuesday: Evolutionary Theorist (PPT) -- Research Planning
Wednesday: Evolutionary Theorist -- Component 1
Thursday: Evolutionary Theorist -- Component 1
Friday: Evolutionary Theorist -- Component 2

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

26 - 30 March (Week 31)

Welcome to 4th Quarter! The focus of this quarter will include learning some new content as well as applying what we've learned throughout the year in a series of standards based projects. It should be fun as you develop confidence your abilities as well as refine your understanding of specific topics.

Earth Science
Monday: Atmosphere Notes/Games, Start Indirect/Direct Radiation Lab
Tuesday: Indirect/Direct Radiation Lab Practice (Rubric)
Wednesday: Indirect/Direct Radiation Lab Actual Lab (Rubric)
Thursday: Indirect/Direct Radiation Lab Analysis Questions, Weather Fronts Quiz Practice (Practice QuizKeyVisualSymbols PracticeVideo 1Video 2Video 3)
Friday: Weather Fronts Quiz

Monday: Organ Discussion, Intro Evolution
Tuesday: "The Origin of Species: The Making of a Theory" (VideoWorksheet)
Wednesday: Development of the Theory of Evolution Essay (Rubric)
Thursday: The Wallace Line Activity (Sea Level AnimationPlate Tectonics Animation)
Friday: Natural Selection Basics

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

19 - 22 March (Week 30)

Note: End of quarter is this Thursday. As you have been warned since last week, I will be absent Thursday. However, you may turn work in through Thursday afternoon either to my classroom before my substitute leaves or the office before it closes.

Earth Science
Monday: Seafloor Spreading Notes
Tuesday: Seafloor Spreading Essay
Wednesday: Atmosphere Review & New Notes
Thursday: Atmosphere Games

Monday: Step 1 of Organ & Organ System Relationships Assignment
Tuesday: Finish your 1st organ for your group in the Organ & Organ System Relationships Assignment (Slideshow Template)
Wednesday: Finish your 2nd organ for your group and start your 3rd organ in the Organ & Organ System Relationships Assignment
Thursday: Finish your 3rd organ for your group and peer review your slides with group members in the Organ & Organ System Relationships Assignment

Friday, March 9, 2018

12 - 16 March (Week 29)

Earth Science
Monday: Intro to Alfred Wegener & Continental Drift (Alfred Wegener Video)
Tuesday: Pangaea Gizmo
Wednesday: Continental Drift Short Essays (Outline Worksheet/Rubric)
Thursday: Continental Drift Short Essays (Outline Worksheet/Rubric), Seafloor Spreading
Friday: Seafloor Spreading

Monday: Protein Synthesis Plays (Outline)
Tuesday: Protein Synthesis Summaries (Summary outline, rubric)
Wednesday: Autotrophic vs. Heterotrophic Cells (Rubric)
Thursday: Cell Energy Illustrations (Rubric)
Friday: Protein Synthesis Above Mastery Quiz (Practice Quiz), Finish Cell Energy Illustrations

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

5 - 9 March (Week 28)

Earth Science
Monday: Half Life Gizmo
Tuesday: Solar System Age Quiz, Earth's Internal Heat Quiz, Solar System Scale Assignment (Worksheet, Rubric, Planet Tables, NASA Solar System Explorer)
Wednesday: Solar System Scale Assignment (WorksheetRubricPlanet TablesNASA Solar System Explorer, Eros Article), Science Goes to the Movies
Thursday - Friday: A Wrinkle in Time Reward Video (Permission Slip)

Monday: Protein Synthesis Plays (Outline)
Tuesday: Protein Synthesis Plays (Outline)
Wednesday: Protein Synthesis Plays (Outline)
Thursday - Friday: A Wrinkle in Time Reward Video (Permission Slip)

Friday, February 23, 2018

26 Feb - 2 Mar (Week 27)

Earth Science
Monday: Heavy Element Formation in Stars (RubricWorksheet), Solar System Composition (Rubric)

Tuesday: Solar System Composition (Rubric)
Wednesday: Solar System Composition, Age of Solar System/Earth's Internal Heat 
Thursday: Radioactive Decay Gizmo 
Friday: Radioactive Decay Gizmo 

Monday: Protein Synthesis Gizmo, Protein Synthesis Race 
Tuesday: Protein Synthesis Gizmo, Protein Synthesis Race 
Wednesday: Protein Synthesis Summaries 
Thursday: Onion Root Tip (Microscopes) 
Friday: Mitosis vs Meiosis