Friday, May 20, 2016

23 - 27 May (Week 38)

It's the last week of content for the school! Next week will be full of a variety of assemblies, activities, and getting ready for summer. Good job so far! But don't quit this week! We're still covering important concepts and these activities will still go in the grade book.

As a reminder, the redo deadline is this Friday at 3:00 p.m. No work will be accepted the last week of school. There are two after school lessons this week for students who wish to gain a few replacement points. They will take place Monday and Friday at 2:35 and focus on topics from this year's content. They include a mini-lecture (about 5 minutes) and about 30-45 minutes of work time to complete the task. Sign up is required so that I know how many students to plan on and you won't be allowed in if you are late (past 2:35.)

Earth Science
Monday: Abiotic vs. Biotic Factors
Tuesday: Exploring a Mini-Watershed (Collecting Data)
Wednesday: Ocean Video (Abiotic vs. Biotic)
Thursday: Coral Reefs Simulation
Friday: Coral Reefs Simulation

Monday: Cladograms
Tuesday: Organism Project (Research)
Wednesday: Organism Project (Cladogram)
Thursday: Organism Project (Dichotmous Key)
Friday: Share Projects

16 - 20 May (Week 37)

Earth Science
Monday: West Jordan Water Posters (PPT
Tuesday: Intro Watersheds (PPT)
Wednesday: Exploring a Mini-Watershed (Rough Draft Map) (PPT)
Thursday: Exploring a Mini-Watershed (Final Draft Map) (PPT)
Friday: Waterflow and Puddle Predictions (PPT)
Monday: Natural Selection Simulations (PPT)
Tuesday: Discuss Natural Selection, What is Evolution? (PPT)
Wednesday: Mutations & Selection Simulation (PPT)
Thursday: Mutation & Selection Simulation (PPT)
Friday: Dichotomous Keys (PPT) (Tree PDF, Key)

Monday, May 9, 2016

9 - 13 May (Week 36)

3 weeks to the redo deadline! Tomorrow is the last test for Earth Science and Biology has already finished its last test. (Unless you need to redo one...) We'll wrap up the year with a West Jordan water project for Earth Science. Biology is finishing their Homeostasis Projects and will then finish out the year with an Organism Classification project.

Earth Science
Monday: Water Cycle Interactive (PPT)
Tuesday: Hydrology Test (Closed Book Sample, Open Book Grading Guide)
Wednesday: West Jordan Water Research (Prediction WS, How to Make a Pie Chart PPT, Class PPT)
Thursday: West Jordan Water Research
Friday: West Jordan Water Research (Due Monday or ZAP!)

Monday: Human Homeostasis Interactive (PPT)
Tuesday: Finish Homeostasis Projects (EnergyGasesTemperatureWater)
Wednesday: Share Homeostasis Projects
Thursday: Intro Evolution
Friday: Peppered Moth Simulation

2 - 6 May (Week 35)

Earth Science
Monday: Sample Test Assignment
Tuesday: Prep for SAGE, Fix Sample Tests
Wednesday: SAGE
Thursday: SAGE
Friday: Open Book Sample Test

Monday: Homeostasis Project (EnergyGasesTemperatureWater)
Tuesday: Prep for SAGE, Homeostasis Project
Wednesday: SAGE
Thursday: SAGE
Friday: Cell Homeostasis Virtual Lab

25 - 29 April (Week 34)

Earth Science
Monday: Ocean Water Movement Notes
Tuesday: Ocean Water Movement, Read Nike Shoe Wash Up, Exit Ticket 35 (PPT)
Wednesday: Freshwater vs. Saltwater Lab
Thursday: SLO Benchmark
Friday: Finish Freshwater vs. Saltwater Lab WS & Nike Shoe Wash Up (PPT)

Monday: Homeostasis Research WS (Energy, Gases, Temperature, Water)
Tuesday: Cellular Transportation, Homeostasis Research WS (PPT)
Wednesday: Plan Homeostasis Project (PPT)
Thursday: SLO Benchmark
Friday: Fix Homeostasis Research WS

Saturday, April 23, 2016

18 - 22 April (Week 33)

Earth Science
Monday: Freshwater Video
Tuesday: Freshwater vs. Saltwater Venn Diagram, Finish video, Start Freshwater vs. Saltwater Lab Planning (PPT)
Wednesday: Freshwater vs. Saltwater Lab Planning (PPT)
Thursday: Freshwater vs. Saltwater Lab Planning (Instructions, Worksheet)
Friday: Where did water/the oceans come from? (PPT)

Monday: Genetics Practice Problems, Closed Book Written Sample Test
Tuesday: Independent assortment, Pedigree Charts WS, Sample Test Assignment (PPT)
Wednesday: Review, Pedigree Charts WS, Study time (PPT)
Thursday: Genetics Test (Closed Book Computer Sample, Closed Book Written Sample)
Friday: Magic School Bus Video

Monday, April 18, 2016

11 - 15 April (Week 32)

Earth Science
Monday: Sewer Systems
Tuesday: Natural vs. Man-Made Water Purification, Water Properties, Exit Ticket 33 (PPT)
Wednesday: Water Properties Notes, Pictures, Videos, Demos, & Mini-Labs (PPT)
Thursday: Water Properties Pictures, Videos, Demos, & Mini-Labs (PPT)
Friday: Water Properties Pictures, Videos, Demos, & Mini-Labs; Exit Ticket 34 (PPT)

Monday: Mitosis versus Meiosis
Tuesday: Mitosis vs. Meiosis, Repro Examples Interactive (PPT)
Wednesday: Asexual vs. Sexual Reproduction, Repro Examples Interactive, Exit Ticket 23 (PPT)
Thursday: Intro Heredity, Sumanas-Mendel's Experiment, Genetics Practice Problems (PPT)
Friday: Mendel's Law of Segregation, Sumanas-Mendel's Experiment, Genetics Practice Problems, Exit Ticket 24 (PPT)