Tuesday, October 21, 2014

20 - 24 October (Week 7)

Hurray for another great week of science! This week Life Science will be exploring parts of cells as well as typing their Introduction paragraphs for their Height Experiment. These paragraphs start the report that we will be gradually completing throughout the year. Physical Science will be continuing to practice basic physical science concepts as well as practicing measuring mass, volume, and density. We will also be diving a little deeper into the properties of matter.

Some important information regarding our first Science Article Summaries: We struggled with them. So, in the case of Life Science, we are modifying the assignment and starting over working on composing one really good summary paragraph. In the case of Physical Science, we took some time Monday to fix mistakes and review proofreading skills.

Also, for parents, we changed our agenda format. Each student should now be writing their science homework in their agenda. We always have homework because we always have quizzes or tests to study for so your son or daughter should always haven't something written in their agenda.

As we near the end of the quarter, don't forget the redo deadline! I accept any redone work or late work UNTIL the redo deadline. For most assignments, this deadline is October 31st. For Life Science, the Height Experiment Introduction has a redo deadline of November 4th and Article Summary 1 (our new one) will have a redo deadline of November 6th. For Physical Science,
Reading Journal 3 will have a redo deadline of November 5th and Quiz 4 will have a redo deadline of November 7th.

Life Science
Day 1: Type Introduction Paragraphs (Paragraph Guide, Score Sheet)--Due Friday
Day 2: TB Reading (10 min.), Parts of Cells
Day 3: Target Skills WS 2, Cheek Cell Lab
Day 4: Cell Poster (Rubric)--Group, in class assignment due Monday at the end of class

Physical Science
Day 1: Fix Article Summary 1
Day 2: TB Reading (10 min.), Hypothese/Observations Practice
Day 3: Volume Lab
Day 4: Quiz 3 (Systems, Order, Organization), Chemical vs. Physical Lab, Properties of Matter Video

Monday, October 13, 2014

13 - 17 October (Week 6)

This week Life science will continue working on their Height Experiment as well as exploring cells. Physical Science will focus on science concepts (systems, order, & organization) as well as science skills (measuring mass & volume). It should be a great week filled with wonderful science!

Life Science
Day 1: Cells Video, Fix Mistakes (Science Summaries, Reading Check 1)
Day 2: Height Experiment--Growth Chart Check 1, Intro Paragraph Guide
Day 3: TB Reading (Reading Check 2), Target Skills WS 2
Day 4: TB Reading (Reading Check 2), Parts of Cells, Work Time

Physical Science
Day 1: TB Reading (10 min.), SOO Practice
Day 2: TB Reading (10 min.), Mass Lab Discussion--LR Notes p. 9, Science Summary/SOO practice time
Day 3: TB Reading (10 min.), LR Notes p. 11, Volume Lab
Day 4: Quiz 3 (Systems, Order, Organization), Chemical vs. Physical Properties Lab

Monday, October 6, 2014

6 - 10 October (Week 5)

Hopefully you enjoyed your long weekend! This week Life Science will prepare for their first test as well as introducing microscopes and cells. Physical Science will be busy wrapping up their Airplane DYOE as well as diving into the differences between chemical and physical properties.

Many students forgot to turn in their Science Article Summaries. If you didn't turn it in, follow the redo guidelines found in the Grading Policies hand out for each class. (Life Science Grading Policies, Physical Science Grading Policies)

Life Science
Day 1: Parts of Microscopes, Intro Cells
Day 2: Plan an Experiment Practice, RC 2: Target Skills WS
Day 3: TB Reading, Microscope Lab
Day 4: Test 1 (Closed Book Sample, Open Book Sample), Microscope Games

Physical Science
Day 1: SOO Notes, LWA Practice, Work on DYOE Experiment Packet (Blank Packet, Sample Packet)
Day 2: TB Reading, Work on DYOE Experiment Packet 
Day 3: TB Reading, MVD Lab
Day 4: Quiz 2 (Length, Width, Area), SOO Demo, Chemical vs. Physical Lab

Monday, September 29, 2014

29 September - 1 October (Week 4)

This week both classes will be working on article summaries. Life Science students will also be starting microscopes and cells while Physical Science students will be continuing their Airplane DYOE. Enjoy the short week and long weekend! Be sure to check PowerSchool for any missing assignments to catch up on over the long weekend!

Life Science
Day 1: Article Summary (Guidelines Worksheet)
Day 2: Microscope Notes, Reading Check 1, Intro Cells

Physical Science
Day 1: Article Summary (Guidelines Worksheet)
Day 2: TB reading, DYOE Airplane Contest (Blank PacketSample Packet)

Physical Science Airplane DYOE Timeline

  • This week: Airplane Contest, Finish packet except figures
  • Monday, October 6 & Tuesday, October 7: Finish figures
  • Wednesday, October 8: DYOE Packet Due
  • Wednesday, October 15: DYOE Packets graded & returned (hopefully)--make corrections if needed
  • Monday, October 17 & Tuesday, October 18: Type DYOE Report (hopefully, I can't schedule the computer lab until the 15th)
  • Thursday, October 23 (Per. 6 & 7) or Friday, October 24 (Per. 5): DYOE Peer Review
  • Monday, October 27: Revise DYOE Report--Report due End of Period

22-26 September (Week 3)

My son was sick last week so I missed Monday and forgot to post the weekly agenda. Sorry! This is what we did!

Life Science
Day 1: R&R 7th Grade Activity
Day 2: Reading Check 1
Day 3: TB Reading, Measurement Notes, Measurement Lab
Day 4: "In a Heartbeat" Lab, Finish Measurement Lab

Physical Science
Day 1: LWA Lab
Day 2: TB reading, Metric Review
Day 3: TB reading, DYOE Experiment Day
Day 4: DYOE Experiment Day, Finish LWA Lab

Friday, September 12, 2014

15 - 19 September (Week 2)

What a great first week! Week 2 should be just as awesome as both classes will be starting larger projects applying the scientific method. Life Science will start their height experiment which will be  a year long adventure. Physical Science will start their Airplane DYOE which will be a semester long experiment.

Remember: You should be studying at least 5 minutes a night so that you can do well on your quizzes (Physical Science) or tests (Life Science.) For life science, print a sample test off of this website and start filling it in. For physical science, memorize the notes in your learning record and start practicing with your sample quizzes. For both groups, tell your parents what you learned each day counts.

Life Science
Day 1: Start Height Experiment (Height Experiment Background Worksheet), Intro Life Science
Day 2: Experiment 1: Mobius Strips
Day 3: Target Skills WS 1, Measurement Lab
Day 4: Height Experiment Research

Physical Science
Day 1: Textbook Reading (What Did I Read WS), Airplane DYOE--Research Day (Blank Packet, Sample Packet)
Day 2: Textbook Reading, Airplane DYOE--Planning Day
Day 3: Textbook Reading, SOO Demo, Metric Memory
Day 4: Scientific Method Review, Measuring LWA Lab, Magazine Figures

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

8-12 September (Week 1)

Welcome to my classroom! My website is in the process of being updated for the new school year so be sure to check back as the year continues! Meanwhile, I'm excited for a wonderful week where we get to know each other and review some of our basic science skills! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me via e-mail (morrisn@msd281.org) or phone (882-3577). Also, if you want the weekly agenda posts to automatically be sent to your e-mail, please submit it using the box labelled "Follow by E-mail" on the right side of this website. Thanks!

Life Science Agenda
Day 1: Questionnaire; Scavenger Hunt; Intro Ms. Morris
Day 2: Clock Partners; Scientific Method Posters
Day 3: Safety Rules (Life Science Class Rules and Safety Contract), Intro Life Science, Experiment 1: Mobius Strips (Experiment available in the classroom)
Day 3: Measurement Pre-quiz, Experiment 1: Mobius Strips

Physical Science Agenda
Day 1: Questionnaire; Scavenger Hunt; Intro Ms. Morris
Day 2: Clock Partners; Scientific Method Posters
Day 3: Textbook Scavenger Hunt, Intro Physical Science, Safety Rules (Physical Science Class Rules and Safety Contract), Mystery Bags
Day 4: Textbook Reading, Metric Mayhem, Notes