Monday, March 20, 2017

20 - 23 March (Week 30)

Dear Parents & Students (& other observers),

Thanks for your patience as I restructure my classroom a little bit. What's changing? I'm shifting a little more to be completely standards based grading. This means that a student's grade will reflect a mastery level of each standard. Big changes include: no more study time (you'll be responsible for choosing to study on your own) and no more open book tests (these questions will be incorporated throughout a unit in standards based assessments). This will start during 4th quarter and more information will be provided next week on how this will look. For the most part, not much will change in the activities done during class. I am changing the classroom structure just a little bit so that most (but not all) days students will be arranged based on the assignment they're working on. This is so that we have fewer missing assignments, more opportunities to fix assignments before moving on, and the ability to focus on mastery of standards. I've been testing this out the past couple of weeks and, so far, it's working well. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!

Ms. Morris

P.S. The redo deadline has past for 3rd quarter. Biology may still fix up their Asexual vs. Sexual Repro WS. Otherwise, all assignments from this week will go on 4th quarter's grade.

Earth Science
Monday: Weather Forecasting Balderdash
Tuesday: Next Day Forecast (Attempt 2)
Wednesday: Vocabulary Taboo
Thursday: Vocabulary Taboo

Monday: Origin of Species Video & Paragraphs
Tuesday: Vocabulary Taboo
Wednesday: Vocabulary Taboo
Thursday: Natural Selection Activity

13 - 16 March (Week 29)

Earth Science
Monday: WunderMap Activity
Tuesday: WunderMap Activity
Wednesday: Next Day Forecast
Thursday: Review KSL Weather, Magic School Bus: Weather
Friday: Weather Forecasting Balderdash

Monday: Asexual vs Sexual Repro WS
Tuesday: Mendel's Laws
Wednesday: Sex-Linked Traits & Pedigrees
Thursday: Origin of Species Video
Friday: Origin of Species Video

6 - 10 March (Week 28)

Earth Science
Monday: KSL Weather & Weather Prediction Tools
Tuesday: Meteorology Test
Wednesday: America's Ice Age Video
Thursday: WunderMap Activity
Friday: WunderMap Activity

Monday: Vocabulary Balderdash
Tuesday: Vocabulary Balderdash
Wednesday: Onion Root Mitosis
Thursday: Mitosis vs. Meiosis
Friday: Asexual vs. Sexual

Monday, February 27, 2017

27 February - 3 March (Week 27)

Welcome to another wintry week in Utah! It may be a little obnoxious but will be very useful as we continue our weather unit in Earth Science. Tests are coming up quickly and so is the end of quarter. Biology has their test this Wednesday while Earth Science has their test next Tuesday. Use the sample tests and be ready!

Earth Science
Monday: Air Masses/Fronts/Pressure Zones Notes (Study Time = Finish the map section of the worksheet)
Tuesday: Reading Time, Air Masses/Fronts/Pressure Zones Quiz, Severe Weather (Study Time = Closed Book Sample Test Attempt 1)
Wednesday: Bill Nye Climate (Study Time = Closed Book Sample Test Attempt 2)
Thursday: Reading Time, El Nino Interactive (Study Time = if needed, Closed Book Sample Test Attempt 3)
Friday: Climate Change Causes/Effects (Study Time = Closed Book Sample Test Attempt 4)

Monday: Review, Mutation WS (Study Time = Finish Open Book Sample Test & the Closed Book Sample Test Assignment; see last week for instructions)
Tuesday: Protein Synthesis Game (Study Time = Finish Open Book Sample Test & the Closed Book Sample Test Assignment; see last week for instructions)
Wednesday: Protein Synthesis Game (Study Time = Finish Open Book Sample Test & the Closed Book Sample Test Assignment; see last week for instructions)
Thursday: Unit 3 Test (Closed Book Sample TestOpen Book Sample Test)
Friday: Video

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

21 - 24 February (Week 26)

Hopefully you had a wonderful time at Student Led Conferences! I had a great time watching as parents and students interacted. I also enjoyed interacting with you! Tests are coming soon so be ready! End of quarter will also quickly be here. We've done much better at maintaining our grades this quarter. Hopefully we'll be prepared and end the quarter with the grades we want!

Earth Science
Tuesday: Carbon Cycle Gizmo (Study Time = Open Book Sample Test)
Wednesday: Carbon Cycle Gizmo (Study Time = Open Book Sample Test)
Thursday: Fossil Fuel Impact (Study Time = Open Book Sample Test)
Friday: Ozone-The Good & The Bad (Open Book Sample Test due) (Study Time = Review Closed Book Sample Test)

Tuesday: Genetics Notes (Study Time = Closed Book Sample Test)
Wednesday: Mouse Genetics Gizmo (Dominant/Recessive) (Study Time = Closed Book Sample Test Attempt 1)
Thursday:  Chicken Genetics Gizmo (Codominance) (Study Time = Closed Book Sample Test Attempt 2)
Friday: Mutations Notes & Worksheet (Study Time = Closed Book Sample Test Attempt 3 & Attempt 4, if needed. Study time is due by midnight Friday night. However, these tests may also be used to complete late study time and, more importantly, to help you continue to prepare for the test and/or a retake of the test.)

Monday, February 13, 2017

13 - 16 February (Week 25)

Welcome to another wonderful week of science! We're halfway through 3rd quarter. Time is flying!

We hope that this week you will be able to come to Student Led Conferences. Earth Science students have prepared Plate Boundary Models to share while Biology has completed a Monster Cookbook Genetics activity to share. Parents, we hope you will take the time to let your students show you their great work. Students, I hope that you will encourage your parents to come but you may also come with another relative or someone else to show off your great work. I will give you one free study time pass for showing your model or the cookbook to someone and one free study time pass for showing someone how to successfully complete your study time. If you can't find someone to bring with you, one of the administration or a counselor or I would happily let you show us these things. Hope to see you there!

Earth Science
Monday: Atmospheric Composition (St. 1.2.d, St. 3.1.b, Mini-Quiz 76)
Tuesday: Reading Time, Atmospheric Circulation (St. 3.1.d, Mini-Quiz 77)
Wednesday: Reading Time, Prepare for Student Led Conferences, Atmospheric Circulation (St. 3.1.d, Study Time = Finish Atmospheric Circulation WS)
Thursday: Reading Time, Greenhouse Gizmo (St. 3.1.b, Study Time = Open Book Sample Test) (4 DAYS STUDY TIME DUE)

Monday: Protein Synthesis Notes, Protein Synthesis Race (St. 4.3.c, Study Time: Open Book Sample Test #4)
Tuesday: Reading Time, Protein Synthesis Race, Protein Synthesis Codes (St. 4.3.c, Study Time: Open Book Sample Test #2)
Wednesday: Reading Time, Prepare for Student Led Conferences, (St. 4.3.c, Study Time: Open Book Sample Test #1,3)
Thursday: Reading Time, Protein Synthesis Simulation (St. 4.3.c) (Study Time: Open Book Sample Test = Due Tuesday)

Monday, February 6, 2017

6- 10 February (Week 24)

We're almost half-way through 3rd quarter! Can you believe it? Mid-terms go out Friday. We pulled up our grades but then some took a little dip with the vocabulary test last week. Be sure to do your study time EACH WEEK and review as necessary to be ready for the tests. Our next tests will be the last week of February or first week of March.

Earth Science
Monday: Atmosphere Energy Foldable (St. 3.1.a, Mini-Quiz 72)
Tuesday: Reading Time, Atmospheric Energy Open Book Test Question, Finish Foldable (St. 3.1.a, Mini-Quiz 73)
Wednesday: Radiation Lab (St. 3.1.c, Mini-Quiz 74)
Thursday: Radiation Lab (St. 3.1.c, No study time)
Friday: Discuss Lab/Atmospheric Energy (St. 3.1.a-c, Mini-Quiz 75) (4 DAYS STUDY TIME DUE)

Monday: Make a Monster (St. 4.3.c, Mini-Quiz 69)
Tuesday: Reading Time, Finish Making Monsters, Monster Stories (St. 4.3.c, Mini-Quiz 70)
Wednesday: Protein Synthesis Review (St. 4.3.c, Mini-Quiz 71)
Thursday: DNA Replication Interactive (St. 4.3.b, Mini-Quiz 72)
Friday: DNA Replication Notes, DNA Replication Interactive, Protein Synthesis Race (St. 4.3.c, Mini-Quiz 73) (5 DAYS STUDY TIME DUE)