Monday, November 30, 2015

30 November - 4 December (Week 15)

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving break! We're about half-way through the quarter and about half-way through our current units. That means our tests are coming up soon: December 17th for Earth Science and January 6th for Biology. DON'T FORGET TO STUDY! 5 minutes per night: tell your parents what you learned or explore the assignments, PowerPoints, games, etc. found on this website or redo an assignment or any other way to study. Sample tests are found on the class pages of this website.

This week Earth Science will be connecting continental drift to plate tectonics by exploring evidence from seafloor spreading. Biology will continue studying cells by focusing on autotrophic cells and heterotrophic cells.

Earth Science
Monday: True or False--"Scrat's Continental Crack Up", Review, Exit Ticket 19
Tuesday: Seafloor Spreading Article, Exit Ticket 20
Wednesday: Modeling Seafloor Spreading
Thursday: Where are the Plates?
Friday: Volcano Formation, Exit Ticket 21

Monday: Cellular Differences, Open Book Test Prep WS
Tuesday: Autotrophic vs. Heterotrophic, Exit Ticket 15
Wednesday: Photosynthesis Demo, Yeast Lab Prep
Thursday: Yeast Lab
Friday: Mitosis WS, Exit Ticket 16

23 - 24 November (Week 14)

Earth Science
Monday: Continental Drift Memory Trick
Tuesday: Fix Exit Ticket 17, Convection & Continental Drift, Asthenosphere Lab (If Memory Trick is finished)

Monday: Observing Cells
Tuesday: Accurate vs. Inaccurate, Catch up & Fix assignments

Saturday, November 14, 2015

16 - 20 November (Week 13)

Sorry for the delay in keeping this website up and running! I finally have my car back and am almost caught up from my unexpected time spent traveling. Grades took a little bit to get going for this quarter due to catching up as a class due to my absence. Earth Science grades are up to date other than assignments just turned in and redoes/late work. Biology will be up to date by Tuesday. Again, sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience!

Earth Science is studying Geology. A list of the standards, sample tests, other assignments, and calendar for the unit can be found under the Earth Science tab. This week we will be focusing on Alfred Wegener's Theory of Continental Drift as well as the process of convection.

Biology is currently studying cells. A list of the standards, sample tests, other assignments, and calendar for the unit can be found under the Biology tab. This week we will be finishing our cell project which focuses on the structure, functions, and interactions of organelles.

Earth Science
Monday: The Story of Alfred Wegener & Continental Drift, Pangaea Puzzle
Tuesday: Contiental Drift Evidence
Wednesday: Convection Lab
Thursday: Convection in the Asthenosphere, Exit Ticket 18
Friday: Earth's Internal Heat, Exit Ticket 19

All of the following are part of the Cell Project which is worth 25 pts.
Monday: Script/Rehearsal for Dance/Skit/Play
Tuesday: Present Dance/Skit/Play (Items for Cell Models are due)
Wednesday: Sample Observations (Be sure to bring your samples!)
Thursday: Cell Models
Friday: Types of Cells WS

Friday, November 13, 2015

9 - 13 November (Week 12)

Earth Science
Monday: Layers of the Earth Posters (Finish--Due Friday)
Tuesday: Birth of Earth Video
Wednesday: Geology Standards, Seismic Waves, Exit Ticket 16 (Starter/ET PPT)
Thursday: Modeling Seismic Waves (Starter PPT)
Friday: Seismic Evidence for Earth's Interior (Starter PPT)

Monday: Cell Parts Functions (Starter PPT)
Tuesday: Closed Book Part 3 Test Retake, Cell Parts Game (ASU Cell Viewer), Exit Ticket 13 (Starter/ET PPT)
Wednesday: Intro Cell Project, Cell Project Planning WS (Starter PPT)
Thursday: Cell Project: Finish Front of Planning WS (Starter PPT)
Friday: Cell Project: Finish Back of Planning WS (Homework due Monday if not done) (Starter/ET PPT)

2 - 6 November (Week 11)

Again, sorry for the delay! See my 16 - 20 November post for more information on the delay.

Earth Science
Monday: 2nd Quarter Goals, Correct Test
Wednesday: Test Retake Day
Thursday: Layers of the Earth Posters (Research)
Friday: Layers of the Earth Posters (Make)

Monday: The Commons Simulation
Tuesday: The Commons WS, Test Prep
Thursday: Fix Open Book Test
Friday: Cell Parts WS

26 - 29 October (Week 10)

Sorry for the delay in posting this. Here's what we did the last week of quarter:

Earth Science
Monday: Review the previous week
Tuesday: Universe Pictionary
Wednesday: Astronomy Test
Thursday: Reward Video (Hurray for a 97% passing rate!! Great job everyone!)

Monday: Review the previous week
Tuesday: Fix Energy/Calories WS
Wednesday: Fix Matter Cycles WS, Exit Ticket 12, Intro Commons
Thursday: Set up the Commons Simulation

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Since I'm still stuck out of town waiting for my car, I'm extending deadlines:

  • Redo deadline is now the end of quarter. I will accept work through Thursday, October 29th by 3 p.m. 
  • The Earth Science Test is now Wednesday, October 28th.
  • The Biology Test is now Thursday, October 29th
  • For free exit ticket passes, bring the necessary papers the day of the test.

Thanks to those of you who emailed me assignments and questions! Keep up the good work! Hope to see you all soon!